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Rooms and Suits

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This place was not built with the intention of making it a resort, and looks just like a farmhouse in a village of an affluent family, surrounded by a high boundary wall for protection and privacy. It’s a modern two-storeyed building, with the floors tiled and modern washroom amenities as well as working air-conditioning. The roof is a bonus, being nicely done with a beam canopy, and a gentle swing, with expansive views of the lush countryside every way. There is only one building, with a spacious sitting area, the kitchen and a washroom comprising the first floor, and three bedrooms on the second. The rooms vary in size, and so do the attached washrooms. Two of the rooms share a long wide balcony, which is lovely to sit in, sipping some coffee or reading a book, particularly in the sunlight on gloomy winter mornings, or during breezy afternoons. Right in front of the bungalow is a sizable pool, with opportunities for fishing, and a clean walkway around for those inclined to go for a walk. There are plenty of other fruit trees, like lemons, litchis and grapefruit, as well as jackfruit and mangoes.

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